The Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem

Crowds and crowds of people, clustered in many centres of activity, with Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem in the centre panel -- and over all an arch, like a rainbow which casts reflections to all corners of the window.   And somehow, all of the characters in this colourful drama share a common experience -- for each one has been touched by the justice and love of Jesus.

"Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord!"

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In keeping with the overall layout,
the individual panels are read from left to right:

Jesus Blesses the Children
[Matthew 19:13-15]

Mary Anoints Jesus' Feet
[John 12:1-3]

The Palm Sunday Procession
[Mark 11:7-8]

The Cleansing of the Temple 
[Luke 19:45-48]

Jesus' Love for Jerusalem
[Matthew 23:37-39]

For of a description of any panel, click on the title or on the panel itself. 

To the Glory of God, and the pursuit of Justice and Equity. 
In loving memory of Sybil Horton (1933 - 1995).