The Prophetic Word

The prophets of the Hebrew scriptures served as channels of communication between the human and divine worlds -- they "spoke for God". In the apex of this window we see a brilliant gold colour. Inadequate as it has to be, this brilliance symbolizes God. The rays that emanate from this highest point penetrate all five of the panels, symbolizing the actualization of the word of God in the words and works of all the prophets. Balancing these vertical lines in the top half of the window are horizontal lines in the bottom half, linking all five scenes and symbolizing the unity of the prophetic message. 

"Thus says the Lord ..."

Prophets.jpg (78496 bytes)

In keeping with the overall layout,
the individual panels are read from right to left:

Elijah's Contest by Fire
[1 Kings 18:31-39]

[Amos 5:24]

Isaiah's Vision of the Lord
[Isaiah 6:1-3]

Jeremiah's New Covenant
[Jeremiah 31:31-34]

(Deutero-) Isaiah's Highway
[Isaiah 40:3-4; 41:18-19]

For of a description of any panel, click on the title or on the panel itself. 

To the Glory of God and in loving memory of Thomas and Winnifred Lightfoot and son Calvin