The Ministry of Jesus

He was a teacher without equal, a preacher of persuasive eloquence, and one who performed miraculous deeds, mainly of healing.  And wherever he taught, or preached, or healed, those who heard and saw exclaimed that he did so "as one having authority."

"He taught ... as one having authority."

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In keeping with the overall layout,
the individual panels are read from left to right:

Baptism by John in the Jordan River
[Matthew 3: 13-17]

The Call of the Disciples                
[Mark 1: 16-20]

The Sermon on the Mount           
[Matthew 6: 21-33]

Jesus Calms the Sea
[Mark 4: 35-41]

Jesus Heals the Paralytic          
[Matthew 9: 1-8]

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To the Glory of God and in Thanksgiving for Over 80 Years of Worship, Work, and Witness,
The West Family, Sept.17, 2000