The Ancestral Promises

Along with the Creation window, this window re-tells in pictorial form the story that we find in the book of Genesis.   The window depicts scenes  that illustrate the beginning of God's calling into being a special people, through whom all peoples will come to know God.

"... I will make you a great nation ... "

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In keeping with the overall layout,
the individual panels are read from right to left:

The Promise of Land     
[Genesis 12: 1,4-6]

The Promise of Descendants
[Genesis 15: 5-6]

The Promise Endangered  
[Genesis 22: 9-13]

The Promise Renewed
[Genesis 28: 11-13]

The Promise (Partially) Realized
[Genesis 46: 28-29]

For a description of any panel, click on the title or on the panel itself .   

To the Glory of God and in loving memory of John Anthony Lynch, 1933 - 1997